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Kitchen Cabinets

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We are going to let you in on a secret here. We are not sure that our previous clients are aware of it, but they were the ones that actually led us to discover that secret! You see we only have two types of clients. One loves his or her cabinets. They just think that the way that everything is distributed around their kitchen is perfect. They know where everything is and these are the people that are looking for us to usually restore their cabinets. They don’t want things to change. The other type of client hates his or her cabinets. They were not the ones that put them there for the most part. That is why they are looking to have new ones built! The main secret though is that none of the people that we have talked are indifferent when it comes to their cabinets! Hence this becomes a pretty important page!

Cabinet Restoration    

Cabinets are probably going to be the first place within your kitchen where you are going to be able to notice that wear and tear. Especially if you have wooden cabinets that are very close to the kitchen sink. Since as we are sure you know wood and water are not exactly best of friends. There are a couple of things that we can do to restore your cabinets. From making sure that open and close mechanisms are well oiled to painting and repair splinters and scrapes!

Dealing With Wood

We have had people who asked us what the main difference would be if they called us or their local carpenter. If you have a local carpenter that you trust then you can go that route we guess. What separates both of us is that we have a carpenter on our staff. He is working on cabinets virtually on a daily basis. The amount of experience that he has amassed over the years is tremendous. Plus, with us, you are not just getting an expert carpenter to work on the job you have the whole team to help out!

Botched Paint Attempts

We would have loved to start the paragraph with a phrase like if we had a nickel for every time that we came across a bad paint attempt. The reality is that we actually did make more than a nickel for every one of these calls that we got! There have been people who painted their cabinets shut! Don’t take those risks give us a call and let us come in and work on your cabinets!

Adding On Cabinets 

There have been times when we have had people request that we add on to their existing cabinets. These projects have all actually been pretty interesting because we have had to make sure that we matched the color from the existing cabinets to the new ones. We have plenty of examples to show you how successful this process has been for us in the past.

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