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How much does IKEA charge for kitchen design?

IKEA’s $199 In-Person Kitchen Planning Service

If you’re like most people, you’re constantly concerned about organizing your kitchen and locating the appropriate cabinets and appliances. But did you know that IKEA provides a $199 in-person kitchen design service? It is a face-to-face service that offers detailed and personalized planning. This includes taking measurements and spending four hours with you discussing your wants and needs. How much does IKEA charge for this one-of-a-kind service?

The cost of IKEA’s kitchen design service varies depending on the size of your kitchen, its style, and the number of cabinets and countertop options you want. A smaller kitchen with fewer cabinets, for example, will most likely be less expensive than a larger kitchen with more cabinets. A modern kitchen with fewer countertop options will also be less expensive than a traditional kitchen with more countertop options.

Other factors that may influence the price of IKEA’s kitchen design service, in addition to price, include the complexity of your design project (for example, if you have an existing layout that needs to be adapted), the time spent on site (4 hours vs. 1 hour), and any additional services (such as drafting or creating a DIY plan) that are required.

What is the Kitchen Planning Service at IKEA?

Customers can use the IKEA Kitchen Planning Service to create a kitchen plan in-person without leaving their homes. Customers can browse through different furniture and appliance options as well as see how each piece of furniture will fit into their kitchen plan at select IKEA stores in the United States and Canada. Customers can also order items online and have them delivered to their homes or pick them up at a nearby store.

Customers can reap several advantages from Ikea’s Kitchen Planning Service. For starters, it eliminates the need to visit multiple stores or spend hours online looking for the ideal kitchen layout. Second, the service provides a summary of all available furniture and appliance options, which can assist shoppers in making better decisions when deciding on a set-up. Finally, IKEA’s delivery option saves customers time and hassle with shipping arrangements by requiring only an address!

IKEA’s Kitchen Planning Service: How Does It Select Customers?

The kitchen planning service offered by IKEA is intended to assist customers in designing a kitchen that meets their specific needs and desires. Customers must first fill out an online questionnaire in order to be considered for the service. This data assists IKEA in better understanding the customer’s lifestyles and preferences.

IKEA will send a consultant to meet with the customer in person after completing the questionnaire. The consultant will walk the customer through different layouts and design options during this meeting. In addition, the consultant advises on which products are best suited for various areas of the kitchen.

The consultation process can take up to two hours, but it is well worth it for customers who want a kitchen that is a reflection of their personality and style. For first-time customers, IKEA provides a free consultation, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot!

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