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Is IKEA kitchen installation expensive?

The Price Of An IKEA Kitchen Installation

Ikea kitchen installation can be costly for smaller kitchens, costing around $2,500 on average. Larger Ikea kitchens would raise the price to around $3,600 or more. The investment, however, is well worth it because a larger IKEA kitchen provides plenty of space and functionality.

Different sizes are evaluated

Depending on the size of the kitchen, an IKEA kitchen can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000. The cost of installation is also affected by the size of the kitchen. A small kitchen may only require a few hours of labor, whereas a large kitchen may necessitate the work of a team of installers over several days.

The complexity of the design also influences the cost of an IKEA kitchen. A standard layout with standard cabinets and appliances will cost less than a custom-designed kitchen with unique features. The type of flooring, countertops, and backsplashes you select will also have an impact on the overall cost.

Accessories Cost

IKEA sells a wide range of kitchen accessories, from basic to opulent. The cost of installing an IKEA kitchen varies depending on the type and quantity of accessories selected.

The cabinet door knob, which starts at $0.99, is the most basic IKEA kitchen accessory. If you want something a little more upscale, however, an IKEA door handle can cost up to $39.99.

IKEA also provides a variety of countertop materials, including laminate, solid wood, and granite. Depending on the material you choose, the cost of installing an IKEA countertop can range from $69.99 to $1,299 USD.

Other high-end IKEA kitchen accessories, such as a custom backsplash or under-cabinet lighting, can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 for installation.

Although installing an IKEA kitchen may appear to be an expensive option at first, it is actually a very affordable option when compared to other types of kitchen remodels. You can easily install an IKEA kitchen in your home without breaking the bank with a little planning and careful budgeting. And, once you see the finished product, we believe you’ll agree that it was well worth the money.


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