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What are the 4 basic kitchen plan layouts?

The 4 Most Common Kitchen Plan Layouts

There are four types of kitchen layouts: galley, L, U, and G (Peninsula). Each of these is unique in its design and accommodates a work triangle in its own unique way.

Kitchen with a Galley

The galley kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts. This type of kitchen is named after its resemblance to a ship’s galley, and it is also known as a corridor kitchen. A galley kitchen is long and narrow, with cabinets and appliances on either side of a central aisle. This layout is popular for small or cramped kitchens because it is efficient and easy to navigate.

One disadvantage of a galley kitchen is that it can feel claustrophobic and cramped. To avoid this, make sure your design incorporates plenty of lighting and ventilation.

-Kitchen L

The most common kitchen layout is an L-shaped kitchen. It’s practical because it puts all of the major appliances within easy reach and provides plenty of counter space. However, if the kitchen is small, it can feel cramped, as there isn’t much room for a dining table or other furniture.

-Kitchen U

The U-shaped kitchen layout is similar to the L-shaped layout, but it offers more counter space. If you have a lot of cookware or frequently entertain, this is a great option. However, it, like the L-shaped layout, can feel claustrophobic in a small space.

All of the appliances and counters are on one side of the galley kitchen, which is long and narrow. It’s great for cooking, but it doesn’t leave much room for other things. This may be the best layout for you if you have a small kitchen.

-G (Peninsula)

The G-shaped kitchen is ideal for those who want to maximize storage space while also having plenty of counter space for food preparation. A peninsula that extends from the main counter area creates the fourth wall of cabinets and/or appliances. This additional space can be used for informal dining, food preparation, or storage. However, if there isn’t enough room to move around freely, this layout can feel cramped.

Designing a kitchen can be a difficult task. When it comes to kitchens, you must consider the shape of your home, the amount of space available, and the type of cooking done in the kitchen.


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