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Does IKEA have a clearance section?

Does IKEA have a clearance section

Is There A Clearance Section At IKEA? The answer may surprise you, but it is yes! IKEA’s infamous “As-is” section is tucked away near the checkout area. It’s essentially the clearance zone. This is where you’ll find products that have been returned, damaged, or discontinued – all at steep discounts! In this article, we’ll look…

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How long will MDF cabinets last?

How long will MDF cabinets last

MDF Cabinets: How Long Do They Last? Many people are drawn to MDF cabinets because of their lower cost, but they frequently overlook the fact that they will need to be replaced in 5-7 years. Although an MDF kitchen may be a less expensive option for a quick refresh, the long-term implications of using MDF…

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Are IKEA cabinets less expensive?

Are IKEA cabinets less expensive

Is IKEA’s Low-Cost Cabinet Design Worth It? Many people go to IKEA to find a cabinet solution. While this store is not the cheapest option available, it is significantly less expensive than some of the more well-known cabinet brands. Furthermore, these stores frequently have very simple installation procedures, making them ideal for anyone looking for…

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